Become a Ckart Reseller

A reseller is the step in-between distributors and end users. A reseller purchases product from a wholesaler or manufacturer adds a profit to that product and then sells it to the end user. In most cases a computer parts reseller will buy from a distributor or wholesaler, as manufacturers only deal with large-quantity customers directly. When establishing your computer parts reseller business, you will also need to consider offering services to add to your business model and increase your profit.


When you join the Ckart Reseller Program, you are joining a partner ecosystem that together is making digital, IT, workforce, and security transformation real to organizations across the globe - every single day. Underpinning the industry's most robust portfolio from the edge to the core to the cloud is the Ckart Reseller Program, designed to be Simple. Predictable. Profitable.


  • You will be able to sell more than 5000 SKU from world’s leading brands

  • Best margins on every products

  • Access to world-class solutions, sales tools, and demand generation programs.

  • A comprehensive training program to develop your sales, technical, and marketing skills.

  • Drop shipment

  • Your branded marketing collateral on demand

  • Customised Pricelist in minutes

  • World class loyalty program

  • Working capital

  • Your own B2B/B2C eCommerce Portal


  • Must have GST Number

  • Must have Shop/Warehouse

  • Must have Computer/Laptop/Printer & Internet connection

  • Basic knowledge of Internet

  • Ready to work hard