PocketRIG 2

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The Worlds lightest most portable DSLR rig that addresses all the needs of a professional videographer to shoot stable and professional videos with minimal effort.
POCKETRIG 2 includes 15mm industry standard rods that can unfold instantly. You can attach follow focuses, matte boxes and standard handles on the rods easily. With its unique design, the rods can extend up to 18cm. POCKETRIG 2 has a 1/4 inch connection h

Compatibility- All DSLRs & cameras with 1/4"- 20 thread (Optimized for DSLRs)
Mounting options- 1/4"- 20 on top and 1/4"- 20 on bottom
Support arm length- 11.4 in (290 mm)
Rods Diameter:0.59 in (15 mm)Extended length:7.08 in (180 mm)Distance between r