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MasterCase H500 Iron Grey
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Item no.: IM013222-N
  • MasterCase H500 Iron Grey
MasterCase H500 Iron Grey
General Specification
Both the mesh front panel and transparent panel are included with the MasterCase H500 to offer a choice between maximum airflow and aesthetics. Each of the front panel options compliment the industrial design of the MasterCase H500 in their own method. Two 200mm RGB fans come pre-installed with an included RGB controller. The lighting system can also be controlled by the reset switch to cycle through color and mode. The H500 offers 410mm of GFX clearance for the latest cards, ensuring that future upgrades will not be limited by space. For easier transportation, a handle has been fitted at the front of the top panel.
Technical Specification
Mesh and Transparent Options Included Choose between the mesh front panel for optimized airflow or the transparent panel for aesthetics with the included accessory.
Two 200mm RGB Fans With Controller Managed by an included RGB Controller, two 200mm RGB fans come pre-installed with support for one optional 200mm fan on the top panel. Radiator Support
Up to 360mm radiator support in front and 240mm in top also includes native support for Cooler Master’s 200mm radiator.
Clear View Inside
A light grey tinted tempered glass side panel is ideal for showcasing your build with (RGB) lighting.
Top Magnetic Filter
Air passes through a flush magnetic filter on the top panel for added thermal support.
Covers For Clean Building
Display system builds neatly with a front cable cover and a PSU cover.
Case Handle For Transport
The raised front panel covers a portion of the top panel to act as a handle for transport. It can support up to 20kg.
544 x 248 x 546 / 21.4 x 9.8 x 21.5 inch MM/CM 998 g
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